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DMA Trading & How Can It Help Traders?

DMA is the abbreviation for Direct Market Access, which implies access to the electronic facilities and order books of financial market exchanges for investors wishing to do the same. Usually, trading on the order book is a privilege of brokers and firms, i.e., members of the concerned exchange. Through DMA trading, investment companies try to maximize their profits.

This is not something that can be done with the mere advancements of the technology someone has. There is a requirement for a very sophisticated, enterprise-grade advancement, usually procured from the sell-side firms. It is not very likely that individual investors perform DMA trading with dignified exchanges. Since the 1990s, it has been shared for brokers to use the DMA trading gateway for completing trades.

 This allows brokerage firms to execute the trades in the final market transaction phase. The exchange accepts the orders, and for safety and security purposes, the same is recorded in the exchange’s order book. Muddled brokerage firms have also been seen using the DMA trading methodology to execute trade orders.

 Several entities like brokers, dealers, market-making firms, and sell-side investment banks are known to have access to the same and perform DMA trading.

We provide value for our customers by providing an efficient approach to Individual, corporate or Institutional customers, categorized as professional or retail, as per FSRA rules. We enable customers to trade on listed derivatives markets with ease of trading and peace of mind. All charges applicable are transparent and communicated to our customers.

Foreign exchange direct market access (FX DMA) signifies the electronic facilities allowing individual investors to communicate with buy-side or sell-side firms regarding foreign exchange orders.

These are the attributes that define an FX DMA:

  • Price/time protocol is the deciding factor that matches the trades and things like re-quotes do not exist.
  • The anonymous platforms’ price details are neutral and per global FX market conditions.
  • Trading execution methodologies are advanced and the system allows a trader to see the prices at which they can trade.

APM Capital intends to provide efficient order execution by blending algorithmic strategies and DMA trading is a reliable DMA trading platform. With high-grade software, APM Capitals becomes the  DMA trading Platform, which is prepared for placing large volumes of trades. 

APM Capitals follows the FSRA guidelines and provides the best quality services to the customers. APM Capitals understands the customers’ issues, and customers do not have to worry about anything while trading through the platform. APM Capitals does not impose any hidden charge on the customers and provides them with what they expect.  

DMA trading platforms benefit traders who wish to buy or sell. When integrated with algorithms, these DMA trading platforms provide the best quality trading strategies. With algorithm induced, the trader can save money and save them from the risk factors. 

We provide you with ultra-fast transactions that you may not usually be able to spot.

How to Receive Direct Market Access from APM Capital?

Having Direct Market Access means dealing with basically two types of entities. As it is clear from the name, sell-side entities need to deal with the sale of financial instruments, and market-makers and liquidity providers could be considered a part of it. 

Buy-side entities are those indulged in buying financial instruments, and companies and private investors can be considered part of this sort. The order books of ECN ( Electronic Communication Network)maintain the details of the orders placed in the foreign exchange markets. 

As mentioned above, the Direct Market Access trading of share markets involves the placement of orders in the central limit order book of the dignified exchange. The two top-rated exchanges are NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and LSE (London Stock Exchange). Buy and sell side entities use ECNs for communication purposes.

The order books maintain the bid and ask price of the financial products, and offers are made to both the buy-side and the sell-side of the transaction. This facilitates both the buy side and the sell side by providing the absolute or the approximation of the desired price they wish to buy or sell. 

The CFD or Contract For the Difference is the obligation through the financial contract that occurs between a CFD provider and a client. This does not mean the client has ownership of the financial underlying, and this only implies that the CFD provider and the concerned client will settle in case there is a difference in the opening and closing price of the CFD. 

The CFD provider bases the price of the underlying financial instrument on behalf of its price in the direct market. Trades of CFDs do not occur in the organized market, and they fall under the classification of over-the-counter trades.

CFD providers provide the clients or the concerned parties with a quote that consists of the asking price based on the price of the underlying financial instrument based on the direct market. The orders placed by the clients or the concerned parties are further put together by the CFD provider and placed in the direct market for execution. 

APM Capital as a provider, acts with immediate effect and places a corresponding order in the direct market as soon as the client or the concerned party uses Direct Market Access CFD trading to trade for a contract of difference.

What Are the Benefits of Trading With a Direct Market Access Trading Platform?

There are a lot of benefits that a person receives when he/she receives trades with a direct market access trading platform. 

Traders who perform trades regularly receive many benefits from the same. Regarding actual trades, investors also benefit from the integration with Direct Market Access Trading Platforms.

  • The associated cost indulged in trading lowers when a trader trades with a Direct Market Access platform. This is much more advanced, and the manual handling of things is removed by its employment. The technology used by brokers reduces trading costs.  
  • The originator of the orders has absolute control over the execution at the final stage and is also able to channel the liquidity. 
  • Both the participants of the Direct Market Access trading system have access to the more profound data that concerns the price of the underlying financial instruments. Traders also have access to data of dignified global exchanges and ECNs.
  • If you are familiar with the norms of stock trading, you must know that opening and closing auctions are very significant. These auctions tend to increase liquidity through their influence. Through Direct Market Access platforms, traders can participate in these auctions. These auctions have pros and cons and facilitate the traders’ profit and losses depending upon the situation and trade execution.
  • Through this, traders have the upper hand in both stock and foreign exchange. 
  • Through an order book or ECN traders can place their orders directly. This provides the trader more control over the orders, and the order execution speed is also paced. 
  • Due to the advanced system integrated the chances of leakage of the information are none. This is due to the anonymous nature of the DMA trading.

How Does DMA Access Trading to Traders in a More Prolific Manner?

As mentioned in the above passages, the DMA accesses trading to the traders like none other. The advantages and specifications of the DMA provide it with the ability to facilitate the users with the maximum amount of profits and earnings. When it comes to professional traders, this is the ultimate tool that assists them in performing and achieving the targets they wish. 

Since the cost involved in the same is decreased, the gross profit of the trader increases. With automation, the chances are minimal for any loss of opportunity. Whether it is the sell-side entity or the buy-side entity, they receive all the data related to the pricing, and due to this, they can meet the expected price or better price than expected.

With DMA access trading the trader can participate in opening and closing auctions of the stock market. Through the same, the user can earn the profits to the maximum extent or minimize the losses to the limitations possible. 

How to Place Orders Using a DMA Trading Account?

At first, the user needs to raise a DMA trade ticket from the DMA trading Account. After the DMA trade ticket is raised, the same gets passed instantly to the execution venue. At the execution venue, it is converted to bids/offers for the other participants depending on if they are on the sell-side or buy-side. This allows the participants to interact with others in the liquidity pool. 

Traders are required to have enough margin when the limit price of the limit order is triggered, i.e., at the entry and the stop point of the limit price order.

Stop loss orders are placed by the use of DMA trade tickets are put to hold at the execution venue. Before these are subjected to the liquidity pool, these are contingent on a price trigger.

DMA Trading in Dubai

Norms of DMA trading in Dubai regulate the forex broking practices in the whole UAE; Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) or the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) are usually involved. However, this is not a rigid truth about the brokers in Dubai. Several other agencies are also involved in the same line of business, which depends on the specific body’s range and authority and the circumstances.

The Interbank market is where traders can trade against other market participants. When a trader trades with the true DMA broker interbank market is the additional perk he receives along the same. Interbank is very reputed and is considered to be the gateway of very large and giant financial institutions. This market has the most liquidity and tightest spreads on the currency pairs, attracting traders to trade with the same. The specifications of this market are mismatched.

DMA trading is like trading anywhere else; hence, people prefer DMA trading in Dubai due to the market specifications mentioned above. Along with the flexibility of the rest of the world, Dubai has no weaknesses and orthodox restrictions concerning trading. 

Why Should You Trade With APM Capital?

Along with the integration of DMA access trading, there are specifications of a platform that motivate the trader to work with the same. DMA trading is very profitable but other than this, you must consider trading with us.

These are the reasons why you should choose to work with us:

  • We have very experienced and skilled people on our team. With their skill and problem-solving abilities, they will guide you in the best manner or will provide you with the resolutions you need.
  • Our systems and methodologies both are evolved and you will receive the benefits that will provide you with the best trading experiences.
  • We do not just focus on technical advances. We understand a sense of security is also essential for protecting your assets and money and your psychological health. We have the best security features in our system due to which you can focus on trading and worry about nothing. We do not promise some sort of placebo effect but an actual thing.
  • Charging is a part of the consumer-platform relationship. We maintain a healthy and un-ambiguous relationship with our customers. We charge what we have already discussed or disclosed, and no hidden charges are induced.
  • Fast execution is the specialty of our system, but this is not for which you should work with us. We provide you with high liquidity and tight spreads along with fast speed.
  • Our system is compliant with the latest norms and trends of the market. Evolution to the new and updated practices is part of who we are. We want you to have the best system so that you do not lag due to any technical or non-technical reasons.
  • We practice ethical things only and are not rigid, but we do not blindly welcome every unorthodox methodology.
  • We do not flaunt complexity along with advancement. We want traders to trade with proficiency and without any technical lag. We have kept our execution methodologies very simple.
  • New traders may face difficulties in understanding things on other platforms. Such things do not happen here.
  • Our customer support provides solutions and rectification so that you do not face the same problems.

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