Risk Warning: Trading CFDs and FX carries significant risk. OTC derivatives are leveraged products and can result in losses which exceed deposits.


Enjoy trading as a "Professional Client", if you meet the criteria below:

  • Have a net asset threshold of at least USD 1,000,000 and knowledge with sufficient experience and knowledge about financial products and markets, and their associated risks.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant financial markets, types of financial products or arrangements, and the risks involved in a proposed Transaction having relevant qualifications relating to financial markets.
  • The length of the time participated in relevant financial markets, the frequency of dealings, and the extent to which you have relied on professional financial advice.
  • The size and nature of transactions that have been undertaken by, or on behalf of, in relevant financial markets along with the composition and size of your existing financial investment portfolio.
  • For credit or insurance transactions, relevant experience in relation to similar transactions to be able to understand the risks associated with such transactions.
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i am eligibleRetail Clients are also welcome to APM Capital Limited